Feature: Texture Gingham

External libraries:
No further libraries than nori-framework has been used to complete this task.
Time spent:
1:00 (approximately)
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  • src/gingham.cpp (new)

Idea / Architecture / Implementation

To make the motions easier visible for the motion blur feature, I created a new only code based texture which is quite similar to the checkerboard. It is the Gingham-pattern, which is basically the checkerboard but with 3 colors. That said, I could almost copy the whole structure and implementation from the checkerboard. The first color is used for tiles both even, the third color if the row and column is odd, and the second color otherwise.


Texture-type: "gingham_color"

Basically exactly the same as the checkerboard, but with one value more:

same as checkerboard
Offset and scale work in the same way..
Used as described above


Texture of a sphere

Gingham Gingham