Feature: Modelling

External libraries:
No further libraries than nori-framework has been used to complete this task.
Time spent:
4:00 (approximately)
  • Written in the text where needed and referenced
  • 3DS Max - Student Licence
  • /scenes/final/feature_model/*

The idea of the final image is a billiard-table with different balls which remember each on a fairytale. One is representing the apple from "Snow White". To achieve a better result for it, and even a cooler and more individual look, I wanted to have a real shape of an apple instead of a perfect sphere with a texture. To model the apple, I used the 3D-Studio Max educational license. Another ball ir representing the story of "The Beauty And The Beast" with a rose inside a glass-sphere. So another task was to model this rose.


The base form of the apple could be designed rather easily. A simple spline of the base shape could be turned around 360 degrees to create a complete model. Then it could be converted into an editable mesh. This new shape could be edited at the bottom to make it look more like an apple by simply pulling a few vertices down to make it irregular. The symmetry above could be broken up by applying some random noise over the whole model. The stem is a simple cylinder with a bending filter. The leave as its part was a little bit more tricky. But luckily the common apples have leaves with a quite simple form. Also the UV-mapping helped to easier apply the texture later in the final image.


The rose could be modeled quite the same way. Starting with a few splines and noise, a rose can be visualized. I followed the tutorial which I found on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwBCJLNq_r4). The rose itself is not looking as realistic as one could want, but for this project and the size of the rose in the final image it is already reasonable good.

Billiard table

To model the billiard table, I only designed very sparsely the green plane with the wholes on the side as well the border surrounding it (also with he wholes). Since there will not be seen more of the table in the final image, I did not model the whole table. To achieve the final models, the wholes have been cut out by boolean operators from the ground-plane. Also with the UV-mapping I could achieve better rendering-results later for the final-image.


For designing the walnut, I used an existing model and changed is a little bit for my needs. In fact only changing some proportions of the size as well the UV-mapping. The model I loaded this website: http://www.cadnav.com. The texture for the walnut I loaded from here: www.photl.com. Of course I changed this accordingly with the Photoshop to print the numbers on the walnuts.


For me the models looks as I wanted and imagined them. Also one can recognise what they are supposed to be. Therefor I think the tests are passed.

Modelling in 3DS Max

Apple Rose Table Walnut

Model: Apple


Model: Rose


Model: Table


Model: Walnut