Final Image



Legend of the balls:

Snow White
Snow White
Frog King
The Beauty And The Beast
Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel (I know it is the wrong kind of nuts, but those where more interesting to render)


Because I used many textures and some models which are already quite detailed, I did not include all the objects in the zip-file. (it would be really to large) I hope it is fine when I simply upload it on my webserver: I will not change it anymore, and also I can not because I am in Military Service from 19.12. The file you can download is from 18.12.2016 around 22:20.


All in all, I'm quite happy that my idea worked out so well. Actually I really miss the volume-interaction, because this would give the scene the finishing touch. There is some variance around the sphere with the rose inside. This could be probably solved by an adaptive sampling method.

As a time-management-review, I should have started earlier with the relevant features (especially Volume Rendering) instead of all other things which are just for the final image, but not the points. However, I underestimated the complexity of the volume rendering, because from the lectures it was all clear.

The book "Physically Based Rendering 2010" helped a lot for some implementations.

All the used materials (textures, images, etc) should be specified in the feature where I needed it.

I confirm that I did not copy any code from anywhere else than of the book "Physically Based Rendering" or I specified it.


I really appreciate it that I could create a video which you could play on the competition. But somehow I am not happy enough about my outcome about the missing feature as well I could not find the time to squeeze the video-making in. Thank you for your understanding about my situation and for all the tipps and tricks during the semester.